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|  Social Media Audits

Your social media is going really well – but you want it to go even better. Think of this as a social media upgrade, by yours truly. 


Your audit will cover


  • Content
    (frequency, quality, language) – are you saying the right things?

  • Images
    (sizing, quality, message) – is your visual identity up to scratch?

  • Hashtags
    (size, usage, demographic target) – are you tagging for success?

  • Followers & Connections
    (age, gender, time online, location, trends) – are you getting noticed by the right people?

  • Algorithms
    (updates and changes to each platform) – is your platform etiquette in order?

  • Data
    (engagement, click through rate, contact rate, shares) – is your social media work working? 

  • Trolls
    – are you managing your brand’s reputation well?


And then, once it’s all compiled and broken down, I put together an action plan with immediate steps to improve your strategy. 


You know, so everything you do on social media from here on out is serving your business and your goals! 


Investment: £175 / platform

|  Content Creation

Perhaps you love engaging on social media – but the thought of having to create content consistently and purposefully fills you with dread. Fear not! I have a special kind of magic dust for that.


In this package, all you have to worry about is what happens after you’ve posted (cause I’m the one doing that, too!)


Your content creation spreadsheet gives you:

  • A piece of well written and researched content for each day of the month

  • Images sourced and links provided

  • All hashtags researched and included (brand hashtags created where needed)

  • Strong CTA on each post to feed to website or other funnel

  • All posts scheduled (once you’ve approved them)


And of course the content is tailored to each platform, meaning that if you want this for all of your social media, you’ll never have to worry about posting repetitive content. 


Let’s get the content creation headache off your plate and replace it with a nice, cold glass of champagne, shall we?



     Investment: £600 / month

I'm a countryside loving, brownie baking, seaside fanatic who can't knit for toffee, but who can absolutely boost your business with robust strategies, seriously good content and the sort of data crunching that makes your competitors weep with envy.

|  Services


|  Community Management

Ooooh, checking off all those messages, notifications, and reactions is a handful, isn’t it?
You probably spend a whole lot more time on social media than you want to – time you could spend doing what you do best instead.

This is an amazing stress-removal package that takes care of all the things that happen on your platform, so you can focus on putting out awesome content and running your biz.


 Investment: £300 / platform / month


|  Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

I’m going to assume that you ultimately want your social media efforts to bring you leads and increase your profits. All that time spent networking, engaging, and posting should help move you forward.

Account-based marketing is social media strategised. It’s where we make sure everything that happens on your platforms is working to your advantage. Organic growth and lead generation – and an actual, tangible increase in profit.


Splendid, right?

Your account-based marketing package includes the following on a (business days) DAILY basis:

  • All the comments left on your posts are replied to, with purpose and strategy, on the same day

  • The connection requests you receive are filtered, so you wind up with a strong network of ideal clients and colleagues

  • Your outgoing requests are sent to ideal clients and audience, with a personal note (and NO pitching)

  • Your incoming DMs are monitored and responded to – and any leads are flagged to you on the same day

  • The content your ideal audience publishes is monitored and commented on, showcasing your knowledge, adding value, and increasing your visibility

  • Your key ideal clients are identified, followed and engaged with – organically and conversationally

  • Industry-related hashtags are followed and monitored 

  • Posts within monitored hashtags are commented on to further increase your brand awareness and solidify your authority

  • You are updated with any relevant platform changes as soon as possible so that your content is visible

  • You receive a monthly report on viewing figures, searches, network changes and KPIs (of your choosing)


In other words: ABM is where we make social media work for you – to remove stress, give you back your time, and get you solid, high-quality leads.


Investment: £750 / month (for LINKEDIN only)


|  Strategy

Strategy is crucial to success; without it, everything done on social media is just scattergun and wishes! With this package I will examine all your platforms and business presence and devised a detailed strategy that you can apply quickly and easily to achieve your aims.


By looking at what your ideal clients want and how your business is able to solve their problems I am able to give you a plan that will take you through each month with ease.


 Investment: £500 / month


|  Power Hour

Sometimes, you just need to sit down with someone and hammer through a particular problem. When it comes to social media, there are so many new and fiddly things to learn and being able to get my eyes on your socials is such a relief. Profile questions, new feature training, how to's, nothing is off limits.


So, get in touch, tell me the issue and put the kettle on; let's get you sorted and ship shape again.

Investment: £150 / hour