Consultancy Services

I use the main four platforms, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter but am adaptable to help you with your preferred platform if it's not on this list, just let me know.

My services cover consultancy, engagement and full management with content creation. If what you want is not here please do get in touch as bespoke packages can be created.


  • Platform set up with images

  • ​All details for clients to immediately access your brand

£50 / platform


  • Full review of platform aesthetics

  • Full engagement analysis

  • Strategy for immediate improvement

£75 / platform


  • 60 minutes video call

  • Address and resolve all problems on your social media

  • Up to date training and advice

  • Leave with a clear plan for improvement

  • Solves any issues you are having with getting things working 

£145 / hour


  • Full blog post of up to 500 words 

  • Raise brand awareness

  • Improve  client engagement

  • Drive traffic to your website and social media platforms

£50 / blog

Anna was amazingly quick at understanding what I needed to get more organised and social media savvy. Thanks to Anna I’m now prepared with social media plans for my businesses and have saved time, allowing me to focus my time elsewhere. I shall definitely be calling on her expertise in the future. Probably sooner rather than later. Thanks for your help Anna 😊

Alison Mills
Mills and Bloom Massage, Tropic Ambassador

She provided a full analysis and strategy that not only improved my platforms but aided in increasing my followers above the 10k mark. She patiently walked me through a number of critical steps on redesigning and simplifying my sites. Her respect for privacy and security regarding data is exemplary as was her understanding of my vision. She also provided website copywriting that provided a clear and simple message.
I would seriously say go for it if you are thinking about working with Anna, she gets the job done at breakneck speed, saving time and effort. 

Raphael Rowe

Journalist  |  Presenter  |  Public Speaker

Management Services

Social media is all about being social. You need to put in time EVERY day to building your online relationships, to having conversations and to NOT selling. 

Once you do this, the leads come in. 

But it takes a LOT of time to do this. At least an HOUR every single weekday. Per platform.

If you do not have an hour to spare to do this, then come and join Amelia Rose Media Ltd and let me and my team handle it all for you! 


Bread and Butter Pudding

This level is best suited for business owners who are happy to write and post their own content. As part of the B&B Club you receive the following every single weekday for up to an hour.


  • All comments on your posts are both “liked” and responded to properly


  • All connection requests and invites are filtered and the suitable ones accepted


  • All DMs replied to, filtered and managed so that your inbox contains only leads


  • Suitable connections sought out and added to your network


  • Comments left on posts from other accounts to showcase your knowledge and personality.



  • 1 platform =  £1000 per month

  • 2 platforms = £1250 per month

If what you want is not here then please do get in touch as packages can be built upon a bespoke basis.

Instagram Bread and Butter Pudding

If you are only in need of  support for Instagram then please note the ONLY services we offer are, content creation and scheduling, and engagement with your OWN posts. 

£1000 /month

Bread and Butter Pudding with Custard

This is the next level of B&B pudding and contains everything you get with B&B pudding but with the added addition of content creation.  

This package is ideal for clients selling high ticket goods or programs who need strong networking and lead generation, as well as the time consuming creation part of the content. 


  • Content written for you for every weekday of the month with a strong CTA


  • Images added as requested and re sized to fit the platform 


  • Full hashtag research done and  ready made bank created


  • All comments on your posts are both “liked” and responded to properly


  • All connection requests and invites are filtered and the suitable ones accepted


  • All DMs replied to, filtered and managed so that your inbox contains only leads


  • Suitable connections sought out and added to your network


  • Comments left on posts from other accounts to showcase your knowledge and personality.




  • 1 platform =  £3000 per month

  • 2 platforms = £3500 per month

Content Creation Only

If you are only in need of content creation and scheduling, and are happy and able to deal with all your own engagement then the prices are 

  • 1 platform =  £1000 per month

  • 2 platforms = £1500 per month

  • 3 platforms = £1750 per month

  • 4 platforms = £2000 per month

I reached out to Anna, as I needed someone to manage most of my social media to drive sales of my online course, thereby freeing up my time, and allowing me to concentrate on productive time.


She understood my budget and wrote me an extensive posting plan for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. She also took on board my other related projects on email marketing and repurposing content for other course platforms. I have managed to reclaim at least 5 hours due to her work, but the most important thing is that she has been a sounding board for my ideas and has provided much more clarity than I bargained for. Working with Anna has been a pleasure and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a social media expert.

Matthew Spofforth, 

Freelance Translator and Creator of the Translation Toolbox, a system to help new translators forge their own path

Anna has the best understanding that I have come across of how Facebook, in particular, Facebook Business Manager should be set up. My setup was a complete mess and she was able to sort it out and clean it up so that it is now how it should have been for social media management. She was also able to solve a problem that I had with Instagram and I suspect that she could sort out problems with Twitter and any other social media platform. I have not used her services for social media posting etc. but from what I have seen I would have no hesitation in recommending those also. She was a pleasure to do business with.

Thomas Olesen

Local SEO and Lead Generation Consultant


I would highly recommend Anna. Anything to do with social media and she is your lady, she knows it all inside out, what works and what doesn't the reason why etc. She has advised me of many little tweaks in which I can make to my social media more responsive and more progressive. I really enjoyed working with Anna. She was very patient and didn't stop until we got through everything which was really nice, she even connected me to some of her other partners for other stuff which she didn't have to do. Hopefully soon she will be taking over my social media so I can sleep knowing it is in good hands. Thanks Kwadw(o)

Kwadwo Naya Baa Ankh Em Ra Alyun Eil

Helping Corporate Mothers 40-49 Escape the Rat Race by becoming Successful Authorpreneurs

I worked with Anna on a complex, and at times, difficult, project, and her enthusiastic yet skilled, professional manner shone through the entire time. While some PR covers the basics, Anna does everything possible to deliver the best for her clients: it is not mere lip service to say that she goes above and beyond. However, it is not just her positive attitude that's refreshing; it is a determination to look at situations from every angle, explore the best possible route forward, and take a proactive approach that truly sets her apart

Rachel Ogden

Freelance journalist


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