Seven brilliant ways to get the most out of your social media experience

Here’s the thing, here we are in 2021 and the number of social media platforms, the number of ways in which we can use social media just seems to be growing.

There’s LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, SnapChat, Messenger, WhatsApp, YouTube, Viber, the list goes on and on!

So the question is then, with all this choice and this online presence, how do you get the most out of your social media experience without being overwhelmed?

This blog will explore seven brilliant ways you put into action now to get the most out of your social media.

1.Social Platforms. There are so many out there. Which do you decide to use? Do you use them all? The answer of course is no. Instead spend some time exploring what feels good, where you feel you can show up and it feels good for you. You don't have to follow the crowd. It might be you start off using one or two and then explore some others. A top tip is to not have accounts for platforms that you are not going to use- it's just a waste of your time.

2. Networking. This might be sound business-like, but it isn’t just for businesses and people in business. We as humans need to connect with one another. It’s in our DNA and social construct. So with that in mind, think about who you want to connect with. It might be business people, it might be friends, people in groups with shared interests, it might be all of the above.

However, the best networks are those that are tended to regularly. Think of them as hives- bee hives that is. If the hives are not looked after, they will die. It’s the same for social media, tend to your network, add to it and on occasion you may need to prune it.

3. Think about your content. However, don’t overthink it to the nth degree to the point you never post it. Sometimes, some of the best stuff posted is the spur of the moment content. Topics that relate to human nature. Whilst it’s not about the vanity metrics here, you do want some engagement , people seeing your stuff, what you have to say and responding to it. Also, let’s not talk about work all the time; mix it up a little.

Use videos, images, graphics, photographs and text to create your content and keep it fresh. Another great tip here is to use something to store your content such as a Trello board. It will soon build up and if you’re ever stuck you can repurpose some content again. For example, you might have posted something just using text, but another time you may repurpose that content by using it in a video or creating a graphic on Canva (another totally awesome tool to have!)

4. Engagement. Conversation is powerful. You may remember the BT ad from the 90's where the tagline was “It’s good to talk” and this couldn’t be more apt for social media. It’s all very well putting your own stuff out there, but get talking to your network and having those conversations. This is how friendships and relationships are built. You don’t have to get into heavy debates about politics, religion or who’s going to win the football, but just get talking. The more you do, the more your network (oo there’s that word again!) will want to know what you have to say!

5. Show up! Let’s be really honest here, if this social media thing is to work for you, then you have to be there. It’s a bit like a rock star doing a concert at Wembley and not being on stage otherwise- pointless and disappointing! Yes you are the rock star of your social media, so own it. Turn up. Consistently. Be present. Rocking it always.

6. Be authentic. Apart from the “being consistently visible'' advice above, being authentic was the second best bit of advice I was ever given when I started my business. It is so easy to create a different persona behind the comfort of a screen. Who’s going to know after all? Well for one thing you are and it will eventually crack and so then your audience will. So be authentic.

If you don’t want to talk about personal stuff, then don’t. You’re not going to be everyone’s cup of tea and that’s ok. You’re not everyone’s cup of tea in the real world are you? Exactly. Just be you and be authentic and you will attract the right people for your network (ooo said it again!)

7. Boundaries. This is so important. People forget that it’s social media and it should be fun and engaging. Having said that you need to remember there should be boundaries. Remember everything you put online is part of your digital footprint and it cannot be deleted. So I suppose the advice here is about balance- have fun, but think about who might see what you’re putting online.

By putting in place these seven awesome steps today with your own social media, you are guaranteed to have a better experience online and get more out of the platforms that you use.

Most of all, show up, start the conversation, be authentic, keep the boundaries, get that awesome content out there and be the rock star of your own social media!

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