How to better manage your time and reduce your stress

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

We all have a million things to do and seem to be wearing a multitude of hats throughout the day as we fulfil the myriad of tasks that befall us each day. How do you cope without succumbing to stress? In this blog we will explore simple time management strategies that you can start implementing today, so that you gain more time and reduce your stress.

What stops people from having good time management?

There are many reasons why some people seem to not be able to manage their time. A classic example is that they jump between tasks. We have all heard that being able to “multitask” is a wondrous and magical thing, but here’s the thing, it isn’t.

What you're actually doing is not giving one task it’s full attention and getting it done. Then there’s the procrastinators, the ones who will put off doing a task and will go and make their fifteenth cup of tea just to avoid it and don’t get me started on the “shiny object syndromers”.

You know the people I mean, the ones who get distracted by a completely different task entirely and go off on that tangent and are never to be seen again.

There are also people who mismanage their time, can’t see the woods for the trees and there are the people pleasers, the ones who can’ t say no to anyone and as a result never get anything done on their own list.

So what does good time management look like?

How can you implement it today ?

Five simple strategies to gain time and reduce stress

● Use your time intentionally. Write that to-do list. Keep it short, keep it sweet and get it done.

● Prioritise your time. Rank your tasks in order of importance.

● Stay focussed. Manage distractions around you. Need silence? Turn off the radio or tv. Move to a quiet area to get tasks done. Need some music to help you focus? That’s fine too, just remain focussed- no dancing around!

● Structure your time. Think about how much time each task will need.

● Be self aware. If you can easily lose track of time, then think about using a timer to keep you on track! What are the benefits of good time management?

By employing some or all of the suggested strategies above to develop good time management, you will undoubtedly reduce your stress levels. People with good time management are able to work smarter, not harder, they are organised and are able to adapt to unforeseen circumstances more easily. However, in order to really master good time management, this will need to become a habit through daily practice.

Go on, give it a go. After all, what do you have to lose, apart from the stress

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