How to achieve a better work life balance and keep it up

For many people during these past months they have had to work from home. However, as lockdown restrictions are easing, this means that people are also returning to the office or their place of work.

This blog will give some ideas on how to achieve a better work life balance and keep it up.

What is work life balance?

Work- life balance is creating a symbiosis between home life and work life, so that the two don’t overwhelm one another.

How do we create that work life balance?

It can seem very difficult in this day and age to create a work life balance that is easy to maintain. Life gets in the way. Unexpected things happen. Circumstances change. Sometimes very quickly. That can upset that equilibrium that we so desperately crave within a work life balance. So how do we create this harmony, whether we are working from home or at the office?

Set hours If you're working from home, as so many people have done so throughout this pandemic, one of the easiest things to do is to ensure that you have set hours. If you’re working at the office, work the hours you are set. Having said that, there is nothing wrong with doing some overtime, but schedule it in and ensure there is an endpoint. There comes a point where your productivity will dwindle.

Separate your work and home area. Obviously, this is not difficult if you work away from home. However, it’s no good trying to be productive at home and get things done whilst working from your bedroom. Of course, not everyone has the space to have a separate office in their home, but find a space, a corner of your home which you can set up just for work. Keep it for work and keep it tidy. At the end of the working day, put things away so you don’t have to keep looking at the “work”. Of course, if you have an office, shut the door and keep it shut until the morning.

When work is done, work is done. At the end of the working day, it’s time to wind down. Don't let work blur into home life. This is something that lots of people tend to do. It's just “I’ll answer that one email, or let's just answer that”, or it's their social media “I’ll just reply to that post”. Before you know it, you’ve lost half an hour, an hour. You've missed out on conversations about home life. That time at home that you need, away from work. Gone.

It's not just that you deserve time away from work. You are entitled to it.

Everybody's entitled to a home life. A private life.

  • Engage in real conversations

  • Enjoy your hobbies

  • Go for a walk

  • Read a book

  • Have an early night

  • Watch a bit of telly

Doesn't have to be expensive. Doesn't have to be exciting. Doesn't have to be glamorous. It does mean you don't do any work.

What are the benefits of having a work life balance?

By taking simple steps, such as those suggested above, to ensure that your work life balance remains in optimal health, you can enjoy a variety of benefits.

You will feel less stressed and more engaged in your work. There is likely to be an increased productivity in your work, as a result. Your mental and physical wellbeing will improve if you strive to have boundaries and maintain a work life balance. In addition to this you will have time to nurture the important things in your life.

It takes time to achieve a work life balance and keep it up.

There is no magic solution.

It’s about having boundaries.

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