How social media can boost your business in the competitive online world in 8 easy steps

Social media is an important and integral part of today’s society and especially of how businesses operate. There are a staggering 3 billion people throughout the world who use a variety of social media platforms daily for a multitude of reasons. This includes to engage with brands. In addition to this, it is a well known fact that the majority of people follow at least one brand online.

Therefore it makes absolute sense for brands to completely utilise this fast, inexpensive, and effective way to boost their business.

However that’s all very well and good, but how can social media boost your business in the competitive online world?

This blog will explore eight of the most popular ways that you can start implementing for you and your business today!

Increase Brand Awareness This is perhaps the most important part of using social media for your business, especially if it is an online business. Visibility is key. The customers have to know you're there and what you are selling. Increase that brand awareness by getting on social media. You will reach new clients, retain current customers and both will be able to discover new products that you are offering much more quickly. Remember visibility is key!

Industry Expert By showing up on social media consistently, regardless of your field, you will be demonstrating to your clients and potential future clients that you know what you’re talking about so that in effect you are an expert in your field. People trust experts, people who know their business, people who turn up and talk about it.

Generate Leads This is an important benefit of social media. By being on the platforms that align with you and your business, you will begin to generate more leads from this visibility. Oh and newsflash, you do not have to be on every platform! That's a myth. Choose the ones that work for your business and if that is just a couple to start with whilst you build your audience, then fine. Do those well and then expand!

Drive traffic to your website Once your website is up and running it is fairly easy to keep it going by adding content regularly. This posted content does not have to be just blogs, it could be podcasts, video content, photographs, anything that increases your visibility, showcases your expertise and gets the attention of new people!

Boost sales Obviously the main part of any business is to make profit and you will want to undoubtedly boost those sales. Well, using social media is a simple and effective way to help you do that. Your sales funnel, the process of which someone eventually becomes a customer, is a critical part of your social media strategy. Use your social media marketing to ensure that you lead up to the selling of something. You cannot just dive straight into saying “Here is the shiny offer”, you need to lead up to it, as your customers may not be ready at that time. Again, honing that sales funnel and use your social media platforms to attract your clients.

Connect with Influencers Like them or loathe them, influencers tend to have a large following and you can use their social media presence for your own business’ benefit. By partnering or connecting with influencers, your business will be talked about, which in turn will mean that your brand awareness will grow as will your credibility because of who you are linked with and therefore you can make further sales. What do you have to lose?

Maintaining your reputation In business, reputation is everything! It takes so long to build up, but can be damaged very quickly. Use social media to build your reputation by responding to any negative feedback swiftly and politely. Conversely, respond to any positive comments with praise and draw attention to the individuals by naming them.

Engage, Engage, Engage Social media is a wonderful thing but it is a two way process that allows businesses and clients to interact with each other in ways that other forms of media do not allow. Therefore, you have to ensure that you engage, engage, engage. Respond to comments, have conversations, use your social media to network and above all else, be visible!

These are just eight simple ways in which social media can boost your business in the competitive online world today. However, the most important tip here is to use social media to be visible and push your brand's visibility.

There’s a lot of noise out there online.

Are you being heard?

Are you being seen?

If you are a busy business owner and don't have the time to devote to your social media; to write and research your content, your networking, your brand awareness and the eleventy billion other things that being good at social media requires, email me at

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