Five brilliant ways to overcome the fear of posting online

The world of social media seems like one big conversation that continues day and night. It can be hard to decide when to hop on the rollercoaster. For some, it is not a daunting process at all and with abundant confidence they seem to be able to join in, know what to post and make the whole thing look so easy.

But what about the rest of us? Those people, like you and me (when I started my business), who knew they wanted to join in, but had this overwhelming fear holding them back.

What about them? How do they overcome these fears?

After all there is great conversation, fabulous connections and a whole world to be discovered within social media. But only if you jump in and ditch the fear.

Easier said than done right?

This blog will explore five of the most common fears that people have about posting online. Lay them out for all to see and feel. Then give you a really chuffingly brilliant solution you can implement now, today, to banish those fears.

Fear #1 I don’t know what to write about.

I am starting with this fear as it is perhaps the most common of them all. The blank page staring back at you. It’s like being back in school and being asked to write a timed essay. Well firstly, you’re not in school. You're not writing an essay. No one is timing you.

Before you even get to the blank page and the possibility of a staring contest, find a piece of paper and do a good old brain dump. This is where you write down things you’re interested in. Things you have done recently. Anything that is in that head of yours goes on that piece of paper. You don’t have to use it all and certainly not all in one post. What you’re doing though is beginning to create a bank of ideas.

First and foremost social media is about people and having great conversations. Human connection. We all need it and crave it.

Fear #2 I’ll write the wrong thing.

Well no you won’t. Let’s assume you’re a good person with good intentions- you will be fine. People want to get to know you. As a rule of thumb though, tricky topics such as politics and religion can be minefields, so you might want to steer clear of these until you have your bearings. Ultimately though, just be kind, be helpful, share your knowledge and get to know people.

Fear #3 Trolls

These are not the big, green monsters that live under bridges you find in fairytales. These trolls are people who hide behind screens and are just not kind. They can cause real upset to people. They can make people feel like they don’t want to post anymore just in case a troll should come out. Is that right? No it’s not.

So how do you deal with the trolls when they appear? Well actually, there are several options here depending on how brave you’re feeling.

Firstly, you can ignore the troll. By doing this, they may just go away, pipe down and waddle off back to their cave. However, if you’re feeling braver, you can engage the troll in conversation. This advice comes with a big warning on the tin though, as by talking to the troll, they may bring other trolls out to play with them. It can get out of hand very quickly. You have been warned!

The third method is by far my favourite. Before I tell you what it is, let me tell you why. Social media should be for everyone (except trolls). You should feel that you can turn up on your social media confidently and without the fear of someone being nasty. The best way to deal with trolls is to block and report them. You don’t engage with them. They don’t know you’ve reported them. Chances are they’re being unkind elsewhere too.

Fear #4 Nobody will want to hear what I have to say.

Why do you assume this? Who has actually said this to you? Or is it the mind monkeys playing havoc again? I suspect it is the latter. Until you try you just won’t know. People like to talk to people. It really should be called social engagement than media, as that is what it’s all about really- engagement. This is why I suggest starting with an introductory post. Tell people something about you. For me it would be Business Owner, Mum to a toddler, book lover and sewing enthusiast. Just in those few words it gives people a flavour of who I am. If you start a conversation, people will want to join in. In addition to this, join in other conversations. Engage on other people's posts. Comment. Show interest in them. Connect.

Social Media takes time and commitment.

Fear #5 I feel vulnerable putting myself out there.

It can be really scary putting yourself there on social media because once it’s out there it’s out there. People might judge, they may comment and engage. So what can you do to overcome this feeling of vulnerability?

Start slow. Choose one day to post. Build up from there. On all the other days, engage with other people on their posts.

So there you have it, five brilliant ways to get you started on social media. Banish those fears and enjoy posting online today.

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