Celebrate the good times!

Celebrating success is for some people, not a natural thing to do and they can shy away from it for fear of seeming as though they are bragging or showing off. However, in actual fact, by celebrating success, whether as an individual or as a team, it can act as a powerful motivating force that recognises and reinforces the hard work that has gone into something.

It is the show of appreciation which in turn can motivate us to achieve future goals. It doesn’t have to be flashy but sometimes, flashy is ok and perfectly acceptable.

Why you should celebrate success?

We are now beginning to come out of lockdown and are on the road to what we all hope is some semblance of normality. There is a fatigue there though that most of us are feeling about the lockdown restrictions, but there is the promise of a new freedom by the summer months all being well. However, before we are completely weighed down by the daily grind or the state of the world at present, we should take time to reflect on the little wins that we have achieved.

Think back over these past few months, what have you achieved? Maybe you have homeschooled and run a business at the same time, maybe you have survived furlough, maybe you have just got up everyday and faced whatever the day had in store for you even though you didn’t feel like it. All of these are wins.

You do not have to have had a huge success such as making a lot of money, securing lots of clients in the first year of business or survived an illness to feel like a success. We should celebrate the little wins too, as they are just as important for our mental health and helping us to create a positive mindset to keep going and keep achieving.

Celebrating success, no matter how big or small, feels good. It helps to develop a success mindset and as you become more motivated and achieve more, you are releasing more dopamine in your brain (those neuro chemicals in the brain that make you happy!). It’s also good to share success with people whether that's a friend or a colleague. Other health benefits of celebrating success include feeling less stress, reduced anxiety and just feeling happier within yourself.

How to celebrate success?

So now you know why you should celebrate successes both big and small, but how do you actually do that so it holds some meaning and spurs you on, releases that dopamine and develops within you that positive mindset?

Here are our top ten ideas to help get you started on celebrating your awesomeness:

● Share the news with family and friends

● Do something you rarely have time to do but enjoy

● Thank the people who supported you

● Put it on social media

● Have a drink- note this does not have to be alcohol, it could be a delicious hot chocolate with all the trimmings!

● Cheer on a friend or colleague with their goal. Your motivation and positivity will rub off!

● Start a success journal

● Have a day of rest and relaxation

● Go for a walk or a run

● Buy yourself a little treat

Remember your celebration doesn’t have to involve other people if you don't want it to, it can be something you do on your own. It doesn't have to be flashy and it doesn't have to be expensive. The point here is you take the time to stop and say well done to yourself, recognise the hard work and effort and celebrate your triumph.

Then it’s time to move onto a new goal, but before then, come and tell me what you are celebrating? We can’t wait to cheer you on!

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