5 ways social media can improve your mental health

We have all heard the many arguments on how damaging social media can be on a person's mental health. The perfect skin, slender figures, glamorous holidays and huge income of celebrities is constantly held up as a target the rest of us mere mortals should strive to reach. The inevitable failure to meet such illusions breeds discontent and misery for many.

However, there are ways in which social media can support mental health. With lockdowns and restrictions in place, we all need to be aware of how we go about our lives and using social media is no different. Set yourself time limits and follow these 5 easy steps for a positive experience online:

  • Go through your connections, accounts you follow and friends and remove/mute/delete anything and anyone that makes you feel less confident. If deleting someone is going to start an argument you can unfollow or mute them. This means you will not see their content but they will not know this. Your account, your rules. Looking at and reading about things that make you feel less than fabulous has no place in your life!

  • Find accounts that support your interests. Whatever your hobbies or interests may be you can 100 percent guarantee there are dozens of accounts out there dedicated to that. Fill your timelines and feeds with things that make you happy. My Instagram is filled with ballet dancers, craft makers, and stationery! I read about people who are filled with happiness and whose posts make me laugh. If you need some inspiration head on over to my Instagram and LinkedIn for some fabulous folk to brighten your day.

  • As restrictions are making shopping a little harder, use social media to find and support small businesses. You will be surprised what is on your doorstep, and further afield too. With Christmas approaching it is the perfect opportunity to discover all sorts of gorgeous things and spread a little happiness. Just remember to pop a little something in the basket for you!

  • Be sociable! Keep in touch with friends and family. A message or comment on a post can make both you and the recipient feel more connected. You can also build relationships with followers - it sounds obvious but so many people forget to actually be social on social media!

  • Learn something new! If you want to take up a new hobby, see far flung places or just learn to cook a new dish, then social media can be a fabulous way to find what you need, and even to watch someone take you through it step by step.

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