Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create my social media account?


Yes, I can set up your Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Tiktok from scratch.  It means I set up all your platforms with consistent branding, logos, colour schemes and fonts.

The result is that I make your brand instantly recognisable, regardless of which platform people are viewing your content on.

Can you create the content for me?


Of course! You no longer have to think of what to say and make it fit to each platform. You no longer have the hard work of copywriting and designing posts for platforms that all have different requirements for images and sound. Together we create a campaign, get to know your goal and I work towards achieving this for you using my knowledge and expertise.


  • On visual platforms that use prose, the layout of your content has to be appealing, you want people to stop scrolling and read! This means having the words in bitesize chunks, eye-catching emojis and perfect spelling.

  • For auditory platforms such as Tiktok and YouTube you need the right sounds, the correct formats and  for the content to fit within specific time slots. 

​The result is user friendly and engaging content that people want to see more of. 

Do you develop and improve my existing social media strategy?


​Yes, firstly, to understand what a social media strategy is, this is simply the plan we work on together.

  • This is when you post, how you post, who you're targeting with your content, how often you put out a post.

  • How and when you post content is as important as what your content actually says, especially as you'll have a target market in mind 

  • I research who your ideal audience is and the hashtags that will place your content before them

The result is greater engagement with your brand and more sales or conversions.

Are there any questions that aren't answered on this page? I would love to hear from you!

Can you schedule my content?


Yes, I schedule your content across all social media platforms to reduce the daily tasks that need performing. ​That way you don't have to wake up daily and set alarms on your phone or reminders on your calendar for posting content.  

The benefit is never missing your target audience, regardless of which platform you're using.


Can you run my social media accounts for me?


Yes, I monitor comments and questions from your followers and reply to them. All of them! If people have taken the time and the trouble to type something to you, they should receive a reply, this is what builds that relationship.


  • Surveys can be created  

  • Promotions are run through your social media

  • Adverts with an agreed budget

  • Relevant hashtags will be researched for further reach 

This drives traffic to your online platforms and website.

You will have more time to focus on what you do best, running your business – knowing that your social media is working hard for you. 

What about blogs?


Well that's an easy one for you, I write your blog posts.

Having been a teacher for over a decade, that experience has taught me the skill writing for an enjoyable read.


Although blogging moves away from social media, strictly speaking, much of what's written can be repurposed on your accounts, so your words will be seen and heard at some point by your followers. And it drives traffic to your website raising activity on your site which only improves your ranking.


Content is proofread and edited for presentations, brochures and leaflets so that what you're saying goes out word perfect, while still retaining your brand tone-of-voice. Remember that people buy from people. In order to build a reputation around trust you first need to build a rapport with the people looking at your content. They need to feel you know them or, to be even more successful, that they know you. Your current content can be updated

  • Your current blog posts can be refreshed and polished around a particular strategy

  • Social media posts can be reworked so the content is more relevant

This is how you build a strong and engaging relationship with your audience and strengthen the reputation of your brand.

I reached out to Anna at the start of June, as I needed someone to manage most of my social media to drive sales of my online course, thereby freeing up my time, and allowing me to concentrate on productive time.


She understood my budget and wrote me an extensive posting plan for LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook. She also took on board my other related projects on email marketing and repurposing content for other course platforms. I have managed to reclaim at least 5 hours due to her work, but the most important thing is that she has been a sounding board for my ideas and has provided much more clarity than I bargained for. Working with Anna has been a pleasure and I'm happy to recommend her to anyone who needs a social media expert.


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