About Amelia Rose Media Ltd

What’s your why? Cause that’s what it’s all about, isn’t it?


Now, I promise this isn’t another Simon Sinek spiel. (Though the man makes an excellent point). The story of Amelia Rose Media Ltd  starts with that tiny three-letter word; the one with the power to change the trajectory of one’s life.


Most business owners begin because they must break free. It isn’t an option, so much as it is an absolutely necessary choice. The confinements and the rules have become too much to bear, and the potential of setting that pulsating, shimmering idea into life is the only road you can see ahead.


That’s exactly where I was when I started the business from my bed. I had just become a mother, and had known for a while that going back to the day-to-day of education wasn’t a possibility. My place was with my daughter - though my role certainly wasn’t that of a housewife.


My mind - the one that had taught every subject under the sun from Classical Greek architecture to the intricacies of Virgil, become a Head of Department in just three years after graduating, and been responsible for nearly 80 boys at my previous place of work - needed free reign. But just as it is with so many other business owners, it needed that reign within its own framework. 


It couldn’t - it wouldn’t - breathe on any other terms than my own.


You know what it’s like. The dream you have, and the absolute conviction that you will make it happen. On your own. By yourself. 


I have always used my voice to do good things. Ironically, one of those had been for ten years to tell children to get off social media. But the thing was, once I looked closer, I realised that social media bore its name for a reason. 


This, I found, was the core of 21st century relationship-building, and I have spent my entire life doing just that. Finding people, seeing people, and connecting with them. 


I am not just good at it. I know it. I can write the content, create the frameworks, nurture and cultivate the relationships. I can do it with total and utter freedom. It is ingrained in me. 


Many years ago I took a vacation to Tunisia. The tiny resort I stayed at on the edge of the Sahara desert was built around a pool, surrounded by jasmines in bloom. One early morning, I got up, went outside, listened to the call to prayer - and experienced a total sense of peace and belonging.  


To the sound of silence and a man, whose words I didn’t understand, singing his heart out, the universe whispered: This is it. This is where you are meant to be; you have a voice too. Now use it to bring good to the world and support people.


We all begin for different reasons. We want more freedom. More time with our family. More headspace to think, and create, and be. Social media holds the potential to facilitate all of those things. That’s the beauty of it, and why I am so passionate about it.

But for far too many business owners, it does the opposite. It becomes a source of stress and expectation and guilt. In other words: All the things you wanted to get away from when you started.


What it should be about, is that utter sense of peace I experienced at the edge of the Tunisian desert. About feeling like you can breathe. Spend that extra time with your family. Exist and work within your own frameworks.


All the while feeling totally safe that you’re doing what you should be doing. Empowered and free.


Amelia Rose Media Ltd exists for the why. It always has. Removing the stress, to help you use your voice at its purest - and do all the good things you know deep down you have within.

Oh, and that sleeping baby? Well she is now 3 years old and full of beans. Meet Eloise, my inspiration, my reason to persevere.