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Stress free social media

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Social media management that removes stress, gives you back your time, makes you money and never uses paid advertising.

Pick your poison


You're scared of getting social media wrong


Social media is downright terrifying, isn’t it? You feel like you have no clue what to post, where to post, how to post, or who to talk to. What if it damages your reputation? What if you become a laughing stock?


You're scared of missing the social media boat


You know social media is the alfa omega of digital marketing, and you feel like you’re standing at the docks watching that beautiful cruise ship sail away. You need a 1st class ticket, but you don’t know how or where to get one.


You're totally overwhelmed

You’re a business owner. And you’re busy. You’re so busy that the mere thought of launching a social media effort probably makes your legs go all sorts of wobbly. Social media is a Mt Kilimanjaro for you, so you’re keeping your head safely in the sand.





What Ho! 


I’m Anna. When I’m not enjoying champagne, I remove social media stress for service based business owners. It gives them more calm and confidence to enjoy that 1st class open bar on the social media cruise ship.

Me? I take care of the well-oiled background machinery.


It’s called stress-free social media. 


Here’s what my clients say  


For you this will simply mean more time to breathe, and more amazing, high-quality leads to chat with.


So, what kind of social media magic dust would you like sprinkled upon your overwhelm, my dear? (Just to let you know: I operate with diamond wands only).


Account-Based Marketing


This is the champagne of social media. If you want to be purposeful and strategic about your online platform efforts, you need account-based marketing. This is where I make your brand more visible, more trusted, and more attractive to your target audience.


You know, so your dream clients will reach out to you.


Content Creation

This isn't just good content; this is #TheSocialMediaLady content (think M&S advert), so perfectly polished your ideal clients’ jaws will drop. 

Don’t worry, you’re not the only business owner out there who dreads the thought of having to write content consistently for their social media platforms. 


Account Engagement


Perhaps you know exactly what you want to say, but you don’t want to deal with everything that happens on social media after you say it? Not to worry, I’ll get you sorted. With account engagement, all that action on your account gets taken care of by yours truly.


That way you’ll never miss a possible lead - and your following will adore you.


Social Media Audits


If you feel ready to get on that cruise ship on your own, but you want to make sure you board in style, the social media audit is for you. I do a full analysis of what your social media is doing for you - and how it can do even more. 


Help yourself to a glass of champagne, dear. Your social media will be smooth sailing from here on out.

Here’s the thing: I can help you a lot or I can help you a little with your social media. You mix and combine exactly the way you like. 


Think of these services as your own tranquillity bar, where everything is created to remove your stress. 







So, why work with The Social Media Lady?


You’ll get meticulous social media strategising


If it’s not going to do something for your business goals, we’re not going to do it. The whole point of social media is that it serves a particular purpose that gets you where you want to go. Everything is tailored to you, your clients, and your future.


You’ll get long-term business support


Social media (well, good social media) takes time. I’m very serious about committing to my clients, and I work with them long-term to ensure they get the results they want. We’ll have ongoing conversations so I can take your social media experience from flat fizzy pop to chilled sparkling champagne.


You’ll get better leads


For one of my clients, I brought in £50K in extra sales over the course of three months. Social media done right is my thing, and it gets you more leads, better leads, and more profit for your business.


You’ll get rid of the stress


Across the board, business owners struggle with stress. That’s just a fact. Imagine not having to be filled with dread every time you think of LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.



Working with me means social media stress-removal, guaranteed.


Social media is meant to be fun. It’s meant to be profitable. And it’s meant to help you reach your goals. 


It’s not meant to fill you with dread, stress, overwhelm, fear, or worry. 


Let’s step aboard the cruise ship of zen, shall we? Social media is so much better in 1st class.