Social media should be like bread and butter pudding; supportive, comforting and full of good things.


The reality is that it is time consuming and a veritable minefield of “rules” and takes up hours and hours each week.


Amelia Rose Media Ltd is thrilled to support The Pink Ribbon Foundation.

If you are a busy business owner, and I have never met one who is not busy, then quite simply you have neither the time to devote to your social media, nor to your networking, your brand awareness and the eleventy billion other things that being good at social media requires.

Amelia Rose Media Ltd is here to be your bread and butter pudding


Our packages are designed to give you back at least 10 hours a week of time so that you can focus on being a busy business owner.


Your stress levels will rapidly decrease, your brand awareness and engagement will rapidly increase. Engagement means networking, relationship building....which means lead generation!


So, grab a spoon and tuck in….and if what you want is not here just get in touch as bespoke packages can be built to suit your requirements and budget.

Anna Rump


If you can answer YES to any of these, then let's chat through what you need help with:

Is your business using social media?

Your business profit can grow using your social media platforms. In just 3 months I brought in over £50K in sales for one company.


What could you do with an extra £50K?

Do you find social media time consuming and confusing?

Amelia Rose Media takes care of all the content and images for you to ensure your ideal client finds you! This means you'll save an average of 6 hours / week.


What would you do with an extra 10 hours a week?

Is your social media not doing much for your business?

Amelia Rose Media can improve your engagement rapidly. In just 84 posts for one client their engagement grew from 1.5% – over 20%.  Major coverage was secured in consumer-facing literature each month (worth over £35K) for another client on the back of their social media accounts.


What would your business be like with increased awareness?

More time, more profit, less stress!


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